New rules in child adoption cases issued

The High Court Principal Judge Flavian Zeija on Wednesday issued new guidelines to be followed in cases of child adoption according to daily monitors Anthony Wesaka. This was done in accordance with Section 20 of judicature Act inn consultation with acting chief justice.

The rules come few days after two judges and lawyers were sanctioned by the United States following an allegation of improper handling of child adoption process.The sanctions are both on travel and property owned in the US by the perpetrators.

Some of these guidelines are that all inter country adoption matters shall be be handled by the family division of High court excluding other circuits from proceeding with applications before them, keeping records of transferred applications by circuit registrars,the head of the family circuit will be required to assign two judges at the division with responsibility of handling applications,consideration of alternative care panel report and submission of quarterly report to principal judge among others.

The seven new guidelines issued are expected to address concerns in child adoption process especially uniformity and consistency in inter-country matters. The aim is to restore confidence in the judiciary after concerns were raised by stakeholders.

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