Telecoms register highest subscriber growth

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) report reveals a growth of telecom subscribers by 7 per cent. This growth was realised between December 2019 to March 2020.

The subscriber numbers rose by 1.8 million from 26.7 million to 28.4 million.

Uganda’s tele-density has increased from 66 in December to 67 percent. The unusual growth during such period is expected to increase even more. This is attributed to a change in working conditions and return of residents from abroad according to the report.

Internet connections also experienced growth by 1.2 million new subscribers(31%) which the UCC explains is a result of increased usage of smartphone over a period of five years. Atleast 99.6 percent accessed internet via smart phones.

The report further notes a steady increase in mobile financial services with 700,000 new subscribers in the month of December 2019, growth from 24.7 million. This makes 25.4 million mobile money accounts. However, 4.4 million subscribers of the 25.4 did not make transactions in the period.

A boom in e-commerce is reflected by an increase in active mobile money wallets to 20 million according to the report. Mobile money agents during the period grew from 213,295 to 204,141.

UCC also noted a slight increase of over the top users (OTT) from 10.16 million in December to 10.63 million, a growth by 5 per cent.

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