They quit because they fear competition-DP’s Mao

The Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has elucidated that he is not responsible for the members who crossed to National Unity Platform. He said it was their overwhelming desire for political office.

While addressing journalists at the party’s head office in Mengo, Mao clarified that some of those who left DP feared competition, saying that DP is a place for competition and does not ring-fence positions. He also warned DP members who had crossed to NUP that they will not be supported by the party, those who crossed and still claimed they were DP members that it is not allowed.  He sayed they will need visas back to DP.

Mao stated that any DP candidate frustrated by  local alliances made by some branches with non-DP members who want to stand in the same positions, should go to party headquarters to be nominated by the party’s electoral commission.he said that members of DP have a right to contest for any position they qualify for.

He also pointed out the mayor of kira municipality who had won elections on DP card and had now joined NUP.

Mao said that he de-campaigned his brother Dan Kidega who was a candidate in 2006 on NRM ticket and he lost, so he said politics can not be based on blood or relations and so on. 

He also said that branch leaders found distressing DP candidates for cunning tendencies will be subjected to disciplinary  procedures.

Mao wished good luck to all who had left and advised those who felt ashamed of DP to leave it for those who are not, he related this to a man who is ashamed of his wife during day and when the light is switched off at night calls the wife all the sweet names like darling, a thing he fails to do during day.



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