Buganda 8 – 2 Bayaye. Full-time score and how to beat Fake News

First Half

#Binobyebirumaabayaaye loosely translated “These are things that hurt haters” directly applies the to the recent rumours surrounding Kabaka’s health

The Launch

Bayaye release story about Kabaka’s health and go ahead to be viral on social media. Baganda have heard nothing about the king especially because COVID rules reduce opportunity for public appearances

Buganda 0 – 1 Bayaye

The Katikkiro Factor

Bayaye persist and drag Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga into the war by suggesting that he had a lot to do with their alleged actions against Buganda. Katikkiro responds with a careful statement, detailing how Bayaye on social media earn from their schemes but to top it all, addresses the concern clearly: “The King is well”.

Buganda 1 – 1

Border Evidence

The Bayaye record more videos, in Luganda, purpotting to have video evidence of Kabaka travelling to Nairobi by road. It later emerges that Kabaka is really in Kenya.

Buganda 1 – 2 Bayaye

All media and leading blogs restrain from discussion of the topic, more evidence that Katikkiro’s warning coupled with individual Baganda defence online worked

Buganda 2 – 2 Bayaye

Second Half

Worst case scenario

Bayaye employ the worst tactic in the series, announcing death! This creates highest tension but never pays off because it requires more evidence, non-existent evidence in this case.

With all heightened tensions, Buganda maintains the silence. Baganda allover social media visciously attack anyone posting the would-be acidic news. Loyalty is maintained as they don’t question the kingdom’s silence. They seem to agree that the kingdom is not required to respond to fake influencers. Allegiance to the kingdom is tested once again but Baganda generally keep calm.

Buganda 3 – 2 Bayaye

President joins

On August 20th 2020, a Thursday night, President Museveni says the police would arrest those who had originated such rumours on social media. “Why do you go to social media to announce death of person?” he wonders, and promises that such people “will be dealt with”.

Buganda 4 – 2 Bayaye

More Buganda Silence

Despite more rumours, more silence and calculated defence from the Buganda corner in highly political times when one would quickly say “Let him come out”. Baganda resort to calls, google searches, checking on someone who knows someone. Even the worst tabloids avoid all angles of the story.

Buganda 5 – 2 Bayaye

Redemption: the Kenyatta revelation

Friday morning has a post from Kenya’s state house, an encouraging post. The King is meeting with the Keyan president Uhuru Kenyatta. Bayaye are quick to point out that it would be hard to identify the King’s face with a mask on. Katikkiro CPM shares the tweet to confirm reports. “Save the best for last” that’s the line – Kabaka appears happy and without a mask visiting former Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga. The visits themselves would have made major news stories but the love for the King has been a bigger story.

Buganda 6 – 2 Bayaye

Friday August 22nd 2020. It is full time and an institution has triumphed over fake news in this tricky social media era.

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