Uganda’s COVID vaccine tests by December

COVID vaccine tests to begin by December.The Uganda Times

In partnership with Imperial College London, the Uganda Virus Research institute is expected to do its first trial of the COVID vaccine in the country according to Daily Monitor. UVRI Director Prof Pontiano Kaleebu revealed to the newspaper that the trial will focus on vaccines safety and ability of foreign substance to provoke immune response in a human body (immunogecinity).

The director is hopeful that there will be volunteers to enrol in the exercise as was with ebola vaccine trials which had previously been done.However there has been wide criticism in the continent towards drug trials done by foreign countries on Africans, although the expert said it is in the best interest of nationals. He further cited examples of polio and antibiotics commonly used in the country.

He explained that the vaccine uses strands of genetic code, Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) and mice revealed it works by mimicking the virus. The earlier report tried in mice were able to neautralize the virus by producing highly specific antibodies.

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