Even after recovery,you can catch COVID – 19 again – study

”COVID -19 patients should not assume if they recover that they won’t get infected again.” Study. Researchers in Hong Kong discovered a first case of reinfection worldwide. This has raised questions as to whether immunity is acquired naturally or through vaccine as well as its durability.

In the study findings, immunity for COVID – 19 does not last long and reinfection can occur so quickly according to Kelvin Kai Wang – To. He is a microbiologist at Hong Kong University in the faculty of medicine.

He advised people who have recovered from the disease to practice social distancing, practice hand washing and continue to wear masks.

The study was done on a 33 year old man who had earlier recovered from COVID – 19 four and a half months ago in Europe. He went through screening for the virus at Hong Kong airport and was found to have recovered. The genetic coding of the two samples of strains were examined and found they closely resembled.

According to AFP, To said the virus mutates all the time and it is very unlikely that the patient could have got the virus from the first infection. This implies that previous infections are not protective and vaccinations may not provide the awaited hope said David Strain.

To suggested emphasis not only on developing the medicine but also duration of the immunity.The scientists suggested viral near – elimination strategy if the antibodies don’t provide immunity.

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