Corona shouldn’t be the reason to delay Uganda’s development – Museven

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta museven firmly said that corona shouldn’t be the reason to delay Uganda and Tanzania’s development.He said this to the president of Tanzania John Magufuli, whom he had visited yesterday on 13/09/2020.

The two correlatives, Museveni and Magufuli signed a unison allowing for the construction of a 1,445km(898miles) crude oil pipeline from Uganda to Tazania.

Nonetheless, museven’s visit depicted a huge difference between the two states.Museveni and his escorts were putting on masks and ensured social distancing with thier hosts.

On the other hand,Magufuli and the hosts present,non was wearing a mask.It is remembered that Magufuli announced Tanzania corona free and declared the country to resume normally.

This time round Museven did not shake hands with Magufuli, he instead bowed in respect. Musevni waved at the few people who welcomed him but never went close to them.

Museveni, in his speech said that COVID -19 coulden’t stop the two to make a historical agreement like that one.

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