Kanyamunyu confesses to killing Akena

In a meeting held in Ker Kwaro, Kampala City businessman Matthew Kanyamunyu admitted having shot Akena leading to his death. This was in a traditional Acholi ceremony known as ‘mato oput.’ It is a family or clan-centred practice for reconciliation and was presided over by Rwot Acana II as the chief witness.

During the ceremony, a council of six elders cross-examined Kanyamunyu as prerequisite for the ceremony. A source close to the family said Kanyamunyu made a step by step re-count of what happened in the fateful day. He admitted not to have realised the effect of his act at the moment.

Kanyamunyu was arrested in 2016 following a dying declaration at Norvik hospital by the late Kenneth Akena Watmon, a child activist with an NGO under USAID project. The deceased said he was shot by the people who brought him to hospital. This was allegedly after scratching the accused’s vehicle at Forest Mall Lugogo on the 12th November,2016

The meeting held in Gulu was persuaded by Bishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu Arch-diocese and Acholi chief after a request by Kanyamunyu’s family. Kanyamunyu is to pay a reparation of 10 cows and 3 goats to Akena’s family. He also promised to make a confession in court.

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